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November 5, 2022: Toxin Workshop - Tiktox: The Basics and Beyond of Botulinum Toxins

The Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center, Department of Dermatology headed by the Dermatologic Surgery Core Team, held its toxin workshop entitled, “Tiktox: The Basics and Beyond of Botulinum Toxins”. The virtual lecture and hands-on workshop were held last November 4 and November 5, 12 and 19, 2022, respectively.

The lecture session offered a series of relevant and comprehensive lectures that would equip its participants with the knowledge and skills essential for botulinum toxin injections. Expert speakers in the field of dermatology, dermatologic surgery and otorhinolaryngology-head and neck surgery were invited to ensure a multidisciplinary approach in the discussion of the lectures.

The hands-on workshops were divided into 3 modules namely upper and mid face, lower face and extrafacial areas. Demonstration of the proper technique was initially performed by the dermatologic surgery consultants. The participants brought their own patient, supervised by proctors to guide them as they are required to perform a return demonstration. Appropriate anatomy, target muscle, injection points and proper dosage of each procedure were also discussed. The enthusiasm and eagerness to learn of every member were shown through their work hence 20 participants were awarded with Tiktox Kit that contains a skin marker, ruler, syringe, needle, alcohol swab, PNSS and a botox tray.

We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to all our speakers, participants, consultants and residents who made this event a success!

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