Skin Research Foundation of the Philippines Inc.


To improve the quality of life of indigent patients with acute and chronic skin disorders through research and continuing medical education.


•  To assist the government in its current skin disease control programs through the Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center, Department of Dermatology. 
•  To utilize research as a tool to augment evidence based dermatological practices among residents and consultants. 
•  To bring together the consultants, alumni, residents and paramedical staff of the Department of Dermatology of the Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center and pool their resources toward educational, socio-civic and altruistic goals and endeavors of this foundation.
•  To instill in its members a deep sense of volunteerism and awareness of their moral and civic duty to respond to, and help alleviate the quality of life of patients afflicted with skin diseases. 
•  To provide auxiliary services that are not presently provided by the Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical to patients through a patient’s assistance fund.  
•  To establish linkages and active cooperation with other entities, organizations and groups established for public service, educational, socio-civic and altruistic purposes in carrying out its mission and vision. 
•  To conduct fundraising activities, accept donations, grants, bequests, equipment and contributions from its members and sectors of society, from the government and any of its arms, subdivisions, offices and instrumentalities. 



To provide assistance to persons with skin disease in their treatment and processing of auxiliary tests and /or procedures that are not available or provided for by tertiary government hospitals

To conduct fund raising activities, accept donations and contributions to help attain the goals of the foundation

To provide basic education and work training skills to patients in preparation for eventual re-integration into society

To collect epidemiological base data of skin diseases on a nationwide level


 Dr. Ma. Flordeliz Abad-Casintahan

 Dr. Melanie Joy Doria-Ruiz

 Dr.Katherine Joy Sayo-Aguiling

 Dr. Zharlah Gulmatico-Flores

 Dr. Kara Melissa Torres-Culala

Board Members

• Dr. Ma. Luisa Abad-Venida
• Dr.
Ma. Cricelda Rescober-Valencia
• Dr. Andrea Marie Bernales-Mendoza
• Dr. Deo Adiel F. Wong

About the Foundation

The Skin Research Foundation of the Philippines, Inc. (SRFI) is a nonprofit, charitable, research and training-based organization founded in 2001.

In cooperation with Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center (JRRMMC) Department of Dermatology, the foundation dedicates itself in the provision of a holistic approach on dermatologic care through research, clinical training and continuing medical education of dermatologists-in-training and board-certified dermatologists. The Foundation considers physicians as the prime element in the improvement of quality of life of patients; hence efforts toward their medical advancement and instilment of humanitarian work are set forth.

The JRRMMC Department of Dermatology caters to an average of 40,000 patients with skin diseases annually; among them are patients with rare skin disorders, and chronic conditions such as psoriasis, leprosy, TB of the skin and skin cancer. Compounding these disabling skin problems are the shortage of therapeutic options, inadequacy of diagnostic procedures and scarcity of skin specialists, particularly in the remote areas of the community. Furthermore, the financial constraints and expensive costs of medications prompt patients to prioritize their basic necessities (food, shelter, electricity etc.) over their medical needs. In addition to the physical discomfort, the psychosocial burden cannot be underscored. This multifaceted problem causes delay in treatment leading to higher morbidity and mortality.

Through the Foundation’s compassionate, competent and committed members and volunteers, it hopes to provide an avenue for patient education, delivery of excellent healthcare services, and easy access to medication and ancillary procedures (genetic analysis, direct immunofluorescence, immunohistochemical stains etc.), especially to patients in the marginalized sector of the community. In its efforts to sustain a skin disease–free community, the Foundation conducts lay forum and skin awareness programs to patients and their families, and provides livelihood programs mainly to chronic patients to offer continuous support to their medical needs. The Foundation conducts fund-raising activities, which cultivate relationship among staff and members; increase social awareness of the current skin dilemmas, and invites probable sponsors.

Since its founding, the organization continue to thrive with passion for excellence, innovativeness, expertise, dynamism, and has an outlook towards the upliftment of the quality of life. 





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