Skin Research Foundation of the Philippines Inc.

November 26, 2022: Medical Mission

The Skin Research Foundation of the Philippines (SRF), in cooperation with Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center Department of Dermatology, conducted its medical mission for the visually-impaired through the Philippine Blind Union and Federation of Quezon City Blind Massage Therapists at the DSWD - NCR National Vocational and Rehabilitation Center in Project 4, Quezon City on November 26, 2022.
Dr. Ma. Flordeliz Abad-Casintahan, our beloved chairperson and president of the Skin Research Foundation, opened the event by welcoming everyone and expressing our heartfelt thanks to the community for the opportunity to serve them. This was followed by a Skin Care Lecture by Dr. Aimee Cara Vergara (pre-resident) in which the patients learned how to take care of their skin and to prevent some common skin problems.
A total of 120 individuals, including visually-impaired patients and their families, received consultations, medicines and procedures such as electrocautery. This was followed by a feeding program.
Every year, the department always looks for opportunities to reach out and bring our service and expertise to a community which needs it the most. It warms and fills our hearts to be able to share our blessings, spread hope, and impart kindness to those in need. This inspires us to be better and be more compassionate as physicians and as members of society.
It is truly our deepest honor to be the eyes of the visually-impaired people during this short time that we were able to serve them. They might have lost one of the senses that sometimes we take for granted, but we, dermatologists, are always here to care for the skin lesions that they might feel but cannot see.
To our JRRMMC Dermatology alumni and sponsors, pharmaceutical companies, and families who shared their generous blessings and unending support for this endeavour, we are expressing our utmost gratitude and appreciation for the help they have extended for the fruition of this activity.

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